serves as the Founder of Make Faith Ministries, Senior Pastor of River of Life Kingdom Ministries in Hazel Crest, Illinois and is the founder of The House of Esther, a women’s outreach and empowerment ministry. She is an apostolic teacher with a prophetic mantle called to bring God’s people into the full recognition of their identity in Christ.

Apostle Alexander flows, as led by the Lord, in all of the five-fold ministry gifts and callings. She is well versed in scripture with revelatory knowledge of the Living Word of God. She is a seasoned a teacher, knowledgeable of and rightly dividing the Word with accuracy and clarity. Lives have been indelibly impacted by her ministry as she operates in the anointing and in full obedience to the Spirit of God. The Spirit of Truth in her empowers her to teach, prophesy and establish apostolic order with God-confidence, accuracy and integrity. She has been commissioned and mandated by God to teach, train, develop, and raise up leaders in and for the Kingdom of God who will positively and eternally impact this world for Christ.


She is the proud and grateful mother of 4 wonderful adult children and grandmother of 8 anointed, adorable and phenomenal grandchildren.

Apostle Alexander has completed five years of training in the School of The Prophets under the anointed teaching and leadership of Apostle Paul Shields, Latter Rain Ministries. She holds three teaching certificates, including advanced level from the Evangelical Teachers Training Association. Apostle Alexander currently serves as a member and officer of the Village of Hazel Crest Clergy Commission.

Her secular career includes extensive management experience to the level of Vice President at a Fortune 500 company and within a wide variety of managed health care corporations affording her comprehensive knowledge of processes and systems. These skills, enhanced by the anointing of God, have proven to be transferable and effective in establishing Biblical principles and organizational protocols for expanding the Kingdom of God. She is a licensed Registered Nurse in 2 states and has completed Master’s level coursework at Oral Roberts University satellite campus and Governor’s State University.

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Apostle Alexander has a heart for worship, her favorite place is in the sweet presence of God and as she humbly submits, she deflects all praises and glory to Him.

Beloved, progression always denotes transition or change for the better and increase. Redemptive revelation is not only the ability to see God, but it is the ability to see or have a vision that produces redemption. Not only do we see, but what we see becomes seed that forms and reproduces the truth and the results of redemption in our lives. If we get the right vision, we get the right mind. So, it is not enough just to hear about God, know God, or even see God. It is an ongoing, progressive, productive ability to BE what we SEE. Progressive, redemptive revelation is what makes us clarify or serve as the image of God here in the earth. We become His legal representatives or delegated authority down here. If you don’t get this revelation of the complete redemptive work done on the cross, instead of being a proxy for God and the Kingdom, you’ll remain a pretender.


Thank you for reaching out to Apostle Barbara Alexander. She is a reformational teacher and available for seminars, workshops and conferences. She would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send a message and we will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

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